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The Therapist to Coach Accelerator is my high level training program that was carefully developed for therapists who are ready to quickly start and grow their online coaching business with a proven system and strategy and with guidance, support, and accountability every step of the way.

This program will not only teach you to become a coach. It will teach you to be a top coach in your area of expertise as you learn to monetize your skill sets with a simple yet powerful client attraction system.

This program will teach you how to craft your high ticket offer, get clarity on your messaging/niche, and enroll clients easily and effortlessly.

As therapists, our divine purpose and passion is to help more people live their best life and reach their outcomes.

But unfortunately, passion is not enough to collapse the timeline and become a profitable business owner so you can get your time back and achieve real freedom.

Success is both a science and an art and I have the codes for you.

The codes for a simple, successful, and stable life.

Good Fit

  • You are a licensed and skilled therapist who owns a business/practice.

  • You are an ambitious and out of the box thinker. You’re a leader and always looking for the new and improved ways to carve a forward path of success. Time is never an excuse for you. You’re ready to do the work.

  • You love having support cheerleaders and a community of likeminded women. You are open to learn and share with others.

Not So Good Fit

  • You are pre licensed or totally new in the field and you are just exploring what clients you vibe with. Get some more experience under your belt first so this program will provide you with the value you need to succeed.

  • You are a creature of habit and love your comfort zone way too much. It would be hard for you to carve out time to implement what you learn.

  • You’d rather keep to yourself and spend years DIYing the answers to success.

I know you.. You're a therapist who is meant for more, you’ve had the itch for quite some time.

So be real with me for a minute

Imagine yourself 10 years from now.. Will you still be seeing 1:1 clients, getting paid less than your worth, and having no time or energy for yourself, family, and friends?


Are you ready to scratch the damn itch already and become the ambitious cutting edge therapist who is at the forefront of her game running a successful and scalable 6 figure coaching biz (maybe even more)

The Journey

Therapist to coach Accelerator

Put your coaching hat on and make the full transition

Therapist to coach

Dial in your messaging, niche, and ideal client to create a rock solid foundation

Therapist to coach

Learn my proprietary
modern marketing masterplan
to attract your ideal clients fast

coaching service by therapists,

Design your high ticket offer in confidence and sell it without being salesey with my sacred soul aligned selling blueprint

Therapist to coach program

Learn what to say and when to say it to close the sale in the most genuine way

coaching service by therapists,

Infuse your life & business with the power of energy, consciousness, manifestation, and inner child work so imposter syndrome doesn’t overstay it’s welcome

Therapist to coach Accelerator

Brand your business like a boss for awesome visibility

coaching service by therapists,

And grow baby grow, up and up from here

Q & A

What if I don’t know how to be a coach?

Coaching is simply solving a non-clinical problem. You know how to be a coach, trust me. I’ll show you the systems.

What if I am already a coach?

You are smart. This is awesome. I like you already. My program will help you monetize your coaching skills and package them in a way that attracts your ideal client as you step into the CEO role of your business.

I don’t know what my niche is for sure?

It’s more common than you think. With my guidance and specific training on niching and hyper niching you’ll be able to spit out your new niche statement in no time. Oftentimes it’s even around your personal experiences. There are endless options in the coaching world.

I don’t know if my niche is marketable?

If other people are doing it and making money, it’s marketable. If you are helping someone solve a serious problem in the area of health, relationships, confidence, business or money it’s even more marketable. If you can turn what you do into a problem to solution format with really strong messaging, it’s marketable.

What if I alienate people because I niche down?

You're going to alienate yourself if you don’t niche at all. Take your pick.

What if I don’t want to stop doing therapy?

You don’t have to, I’ll teach you how to keep your business separate and protect your license.

Is your program ICF certified?

No. I do not like extra fluff. I am a cut to the chase gal. An ICF certification would mean I would need to teach you active listening, privacy, reflection, and so on. You already know that and I guarantee you aren’t trying to spend hours logging and demonstrating mastery all for a certification. Didn’t think so.

What if I don't have the time?

Everyone is busy. All you need to do to be successful in this program is dedicate 7-10 hrs a week. Call it 2 hours a day. 90% is self paced on your own time.

What if I'm scared to invest?

I get it. I have been burned by coaches before. This is why I provide a return on investment guarantee when you work with me. There is no risk. It's basically impossible to fail unless you just don't do the work.

The Therapist To Coach Accelerator Program

It’s a 3 month premier program of it’s kind including:

  • 5 weekly live coaching calls with laser coaching to discuss business strategy, program design, and my unique client attraction system the modern marketing masterplan. You have support every single day of the week to ask questions.

  • One to one support for additional hand holding, customized feedback, and reviews!

  • 12 month access to the digital course training videos with step by step guidance

  • Amazing support from a sisterhood of smart, talented, and amazing female therapists on the same exact journey as you

What is in it for me?

  • The Therapist To Coach Accelerator blueprint, Carly’s complete guide to help you transition from 1:1 sessions to one group program to leverage your time and still protect your license

  • Learn how to organically monetize your social media to make 10K months with Carly’s modern marketing masterplan

  • Get clarity and dial in your ideal client, niche, and messaging once and for all

  • Customized feedback & detailed reviews so you don’t have to put your work out into the world without feeling fully confident

  • Learn how to sell high ticket with my secret soul aligned sales method

  • Learn about branding, email marketing, and converting content without any guesswork

  • Overcome limiting beliefs, money mindset blocks, and imposter syndrome

  • Get support and learn from other female therapists who are on the same mission you are on in the private VIP Facebook group.

Therapist to coach Accelerator review


30 day fast cash injection plan to bring in clients and cashflow quick.

It’s time to finally create the lifestyle you deserve!

It's time to go from Therapist to THERAPRENEUR™

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Therapist to coach Accelerator review
Therapist to coach Accelerator review
Therapist to coach Accelerator review
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