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Let me guess.. this is you

  • You are burnt out from back-to-back 1:1 sessions

  • You are sick of fighting with insurance companies to get paid less than your worth

  • You feel like you have a cap on your income and you crave more freedom

  • Your schedule is packed but you’re accepting every possible client under the sun because it’s the only way you know how to bring in more money

  • You are feeling hopeless and confused with your ability to grow in your business

  • You are sacrificing your time you’d rather spend with family and friends

  • You are healing the world, but your very own health is suffering because you don’t have time for selfcare

  • You are stressed out and scared that you’ll be stuck in this hamster wheel for forever.

This is where you want to be..

  • Getting paid for your knowledge not your time

  • Being the CEO of your own business with a proven system and strategy that’s sustainable

  • Clients ready, willing, and eager to invest in your program knowing it’s going to transform their life

  • Accepting only your perfect fit clients that light you up to work with

  • Being able to work from anywhere in the world with a $ky's the limit mindset

  • Feeling like your healthiest self because you actually have time for yourself, family, and friends

  • Feeling more fulfilled than ever knowing that you are helping more people than you’ve ever been able to

  • Embodying freedom in every area of your life.

Meet your new, trusted, and innovative expert

I’m Carly Hill. I’m a LCSW & business strategist helping clinicians venture into the coaching world and build a successful & sustainable online business.

I teach everything from learning the difference between therapy and coaching to dialing in your niche, marketing, sales, branding and of course mindset.

It’s all with the focus on helping clinicians impact more lives and live a freedom-based life.

As a licensed therapist, certified success coach, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, and reiki master I have worked in a ton of different settings including my successful private practice.

Every single one of these jobs was a one way ticket to burnout..yes even my successful private practice.

They weren’t sustainable and if you're anything like me it won’t be sustainable for you either.

But, don't worry. I cracked the code to REAL freedom, security, and flexibility and I'm sharing all my secrets with you!

I'll help you reduce your hours by 80% too!

It goes a little something like this...

  • Evolve into a coach, protect your license, & dial in your niche

  • Design your in-demand high ticket offer (yes you will sell your program for 1-5k)

  • Market and sell your program following my proven client attraction system

It's FREE just like the pens I take everywhere!

Important Details:

This is not available to everyone. But, it's for you if:

You are a licensed and skilled therapist who owns a business/practice or want to.

You are passionate about impacting more lives

You are an ambitious and out of the box thinker. You’re a leader and always looking for the new and improved ways to carve a forward path of success. Time is never an excuse for you. You’re ready to do the work.

You love having support cheerleaders and a community of likeminded therapists. You are open to learn and share with others.

You are open and willing to invest in yourself and your business so you can earn back your freedom, security, and flexibility.

I will help you...

  1. Transition into coaching & protect your license
  2. Break free of the 1:1 model so you can get paid for your knowledge and leverage your time
  3. Get clarity on your niche and dial in your messaging so you can be the Beyoncé of your space
  4. Create and sell your signature offer from scratch
  5. Attract only your ideal clients who light you up to work with
  6. Monetize your Facebook and Instagram to make 10k months using my Modern Marketing Masterplan
  7. Sell high ticket without being salesey using my Sacred Soul Aligned Selling Blueprint

I use everything I teach inside my very own business too and it’s allowed me to hit 6 figure months with ease.

How can I offer a guarantee?

Because I am so confident in my ability to help you and I am so committed to your success. But I only work with ambitious clinicians who are serious about leveling up and outgrowing the office to make more money & impact more lives.

So what do you say? Let’s build your 6 figure business.

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